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SensorScroll uses the HTC Touch Diamond/PRO Gesture Wheel to scroll up and down inside windows which allow scrolling (has a scroll bar). It also emulates key pressing instead of scrolling.
Requires HTC Touch Diamond/PRO.
1. Install the application. It adds shortcut in Programs and in \Windows\Startup folders!
2. Right after installation you can run the application from Programs shortcut to start using it. There is no need for soft reset to have it running for the first time!
3. To use the application open a Window with a vertical scroll bar like Programs or File Explorer and try rotating the scroll sensor clockwise for scroll down and counter clockwise for scroll up. Don't forget to try the touch action too (double tap on the central button to switch on/off and touch the direction keys)
4. To fine tune the application behavior use the SensorScroll Settings application
6. To stop, run it again and you will have an option to stop it.
Inside installation folder there is a file named no_process.txt. The file contains a list of process names which will not be affected by the application (or by SensorScroll Settings). It already has some entries like opera, teeter, etc.

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