SKTools Lite 3.3.3 free download

SKTools Lite 3.3.3

SKTools is a a comprehensive tool for keeping your Pocket PC optimized.
Cleaning options allow you to:
* Find and delete temporary and obsolete files
* Clear temporary and cache folders like IE contents, IE history, Mail attachments, Large mails, AvantGO and custom users folders
* Find and remove bad registry keys and values, bad shortcuts, duplicate shortcuts, duplicate notify queue entry/entries
System Information rpvides you information on: Device information and features, Processor information, Memory information, Screen information, OS version, Network, Power state, ROM information.
Duplicate Contacts option finds duplicate contacts (by all fields or names,email,company,phones), Show and Delete options.
Notify Queue: View, Add, Delete records, Find doublicates
Memory Usage:
* Show all folders with size (bytes and percent)
* Open selected folder

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