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SmartPhoneTracker application was designed for your phone locating through GPS coordinates. It is also very useful in case of lost or stolen pocket mobile device. The configuration of this program works by following method. SmartPhoneTracker receives some text message. The program wakes up, activates GPS and gets a lock. It sends an email (text message) with a link to Google Maps with your device’s location and accurate GPS coordinates.

The Features of the Application:

• It works in a background mode;
• It has Yahoo, Google and WindowsLive Maps format assistance;
• Distant operation by SMS Code;
• It detects SIM displacement and alerts you;
• It has distant image capture;
• Map view;
• Cell tower location (GSM);
• You receive your data by SMS or Email;
• This app is obstacle of incoming location SMS;
• It is workable on CDMA and GSM devices.

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