SpeedTracker 16 New York free download

SpeedTracker 16 New York

SpeedTracker is designed and tested like an experiment Marathoner. This app is dedicated to on-road and off-road Sport practice.
It is directly accessible from your finger tip, Cycler, Runner, Roller, so you can find a set of selected options to plan, control and handle workout sessions.
And finally SpeedTracker offers a easy but efficient way to attain your goals during training and competition episodes.


- You can download your own scan maps (any image files) or use our gratis application to make maps from all over the world. No calibration needed, all uploaded maps are kept in a dedicated Database, and their number is not limited. Also SpeedTracker selects and displays map according to your real position. Beside Google Earth format is supported, so you can import or export your recorded track from/to exterior applications.

- SpeedTracker inspires you with specific hands-free voice alert messages - based on speed, pace, and distance along the course. You can even race against a Virtual Partner. The system alerts you on your lead or late and consequently gives you a new projected finish time.

- Speed, pace distance and elevation composed along your route are kept in a history database. And there is no limitation. You can even add picture and comment.

- Also SpeedTracker broadcasts your concrete position and all your real-time monitored data like speed, pace, time. This information is easily available through our dedicated Web site or from a gratis application.

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