StompBox 1.2 free download

StompBox 1.2

Do you believe that your Pocket PC can transform into a personal practice amp and effects unit? It is possible! Just try app called StompBox. You can play your guitar without effects pedals or guitar processor with this application.

You can easy create an unique sound. Place in any order chains with up to 9 effects. Then you can save liked sound by saving the entire chain as a preset.

Use all of different features of this program to create something bigger. For example, you can use the built-in loop recorder tool, if you want to record a backing track to practice the solo’s playing with it.

Extra Features:

• The number of effects pedals is 9;
• Effects chains;
• 9 Simultanious effects;
• App has own Metronome. The limit is 40-200bpm;
• Test tone of 440Hz;
• Easy-to-use Loop Recorder;
• 11,22 and 44Khz modes are supported;
• Settings of Manual Latency;
• Load/Save Patches.

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