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SymPlayer 1.00 is one of the best MP3 players with one exclusive and individual aspect – wireless audio streaming directly from PC.
This feature allows you to playback MP3 files in a straight line from net locations. Using this app you can surf your net for MP3 content or just play everything in “Play List”. You can do all this wirelessly (WiFi, 3G).

This application utilizes industry standard net protocols to flow your information directly to device, so you do not need to install anything on PC side (Windows, Linux, Mac). Just set your MP3 files into shared directory on your PC, then provide needed entrance rights for your registered PC user and access all your MP3 collection directly from your mobile phone.

All you have to do is just combine SymPlayer 1.00 with SymVPN and you can contact your music from anywhere. Now you do not need to think ahead what you will listen on your phone next day/week/month. Also you should “share” this content using standard folder sharing system and this will run at any computer (Windows, Linux, Mac) or NAS drive.


- This software is also offered as part of Telexy Network Commander (SymNC).
- User interface is translated into more than 30 languages.

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