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Tachyon is powerful application that lets you navigate faster than the speed of light through our Galaxy. You are welcome to get to the dark enigmatic universe with the help of your tiny Pocket device.
I bet you never thought a package like that could be accessible in your hand. The app presents not only Catalogs, gorgeous pictures and an awesome storage of data and functions. It offers a human touch to astronomy. Now you have some of the best drawings, charts and info from some of the most dedicated and competent astronomers. Control your skies with grace and accuracy.
Installing Tachyon in your PDA and PC:
YOU NEED A POCKET PC with a STORAGE CARD and at least WM2003SE operating system. WM2006 already has NET CF libraries installed.
Installing NET Libraries 2.0
To prepare Tachyon to be installed you need to get both versions of Microsoft NET library that are necessary to a successful installation. To install Windows version you must have Administrator privileges. To install POCKETPC version you will need to attach your PDA with your computer and sync. After that, run Microsoft NET Framework installation software.
Unzip the downloaded files with folder structure anywhere in your PC. It’s better that you unzip in a folder called "Tachyon" to be easier to locate afterwards.
Tachyon is a very complex app and, sometimes, with a steep learning curve of its more intricate functions. So, be patient and don’t rush.
You can see in the unzipped folder two different executable files. To install Tachyon in your PDA, execute TachyonPDASetup.exe. But before executing this file please connect your PDA to PC and sync. After that you can proceed with installation. After initial message remembering to connect PDA to PC, you are in the main installation screen. At left topmost of dialog there is a button with a small PDA. Press it. Upon agreeing with the EULA you will set if you want the full installation. If so, please check all checkboxes. After that pick up the destination of Tachyon in your PDA. Use a Storage Card as Tachyon is very heavy to be installed in Main Memory.
Tachyon is a heavy software with numerous files. So, let installation proceed and dedicate some time to your personal affairs, because it may take some time.
After installation you will have an icon in your PDA to run Tachyon.
You are done. Read through "Starting With Tachyon" brochure in your Tachyon folder in PC, to have an idea of Tachyon functionality. The Manual in Tachyon in PDA is very detailed in terms of Astronomy. Some articles are from Wikipedia, some from specialized resources. It is almost an astronomical encyclopedia.
If you failed to install using setup you can manually move the files directly to your PDA. Just go to folder "install" and copy all files and folders to your storage card. Do a shortcut to tachyonnet.exe and that’s it.
Important for non-US users: Tachyon needs “.” as a decimal separator to work correctly.

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