Talkonaut 5.0 free download

Talkonaut 5.0

Talkonaut 5.0 is the mobile calling application for Windows Mobile.

Talkonaut 5.0 is a freeware pocket PC for Windows Mobile that supports Jabber, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo networks both for chatting and voice calling. It permits you to make free VoIP over GPRS/EDGE calls, as well as calls over 3G, or WI-FI.


- IM chat and group chat.
- Presence and status.
- Chat history and avatars.
- Calling over GPRS, 3G or W-IFI.
- Calling to GTalk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM and iChat
- SIP support.
- GPRS or WI-FI auto-switching.
- Touch screen.

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