TapTapSMS v0.31 free download

TapTapSMS v0.31

This nice application was designed for facilitation of SMS writing. And now you can easy wright any message comparatively quick with your thumb using.

You can try BIG controls if you want to wright something on touch-screen with your thumb and have no wish to concentrate on it. But notice, you do not have much space for other things (for example, the program you are writting in) in case of big controls. And you wish SMALLER keyboard with BIG controls availability, accordingly. TapTap layout will fit to you in that case.

Information from the Developers:

TapTapSMS v0.31 is adapted for any user. You can rapidly write if you train your thumb regularly. TapTapSMS will not strain you, if you have no wish or cannot write quick. You need to press button once (perfect state), twice, or even triply to write needed character with time limit using standart GSM device. So, there is useful feature to write how quick you want or can with no time limit in TapTapSMS v0.31. You also can feel difference between pressing real buttons and pressing “nothing” on touch-screen for the first time. You have not real buttons on PDA. You know that PDAs are without big hardware keyboard like on Vario or hardware phone keyboard (e.g. Asus P525). And notice, that Vario keyboard compel you to use two hands with two fingers, therefore it is not very easy-to-use. The first thing to do is to select character group and then you can select needed character to write. Just tap on small “x” above main buttons in case of bad character group. You can easy move around text if you use cursor-key or if you tap to any position in text.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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