Telexy Network Commander (SymNC) 1.00.51 free download

Telexy Network Commander (SymNC) 1.00.51

Now you can have seven applications for phone to computer wireless net contact in one ultimate software collection. Each program is unique for Symbian based phones.

1. SymRDP - full Remote Access to computer from your touchscreen mobile phone!
2. SymVPN - protect your phone Internet link with PPTP VPN client!
3. SymNAS - permits you to use PC to browse all phone files.
4. SymSync - totally automated file management between phone and PC.
5. SymPlayer - play MP3 files straight from your computer.
6. Telexy Network Browser - use your phone to surf computer files from anywhere.
7. Remote Computer Restart - distantly restart your computer from anywhere!

Also centralized cross-application account management system is appended as a gratis bonus.
You can have more than 30 languages user Interface.

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