theChanner v0.20 free download

theChanner v0.20

Now you can watch the best Internet TV on your mobile phone or PC with the Channer the World TV tuner. This app runs through Wi-Fi or 3G.


- You can watch best World TV channels: news, music, weather, sports and entertainment 24/7.
- Modernized 300 channels, and daily revised.
- Huge variety of selected channels, structured by categories.
- Riddle to find a channel by "category", "country" or "language", or by typing its name directly.
- Cooperate with a channel posting live comments.
- Form your list of much loved channels.
- 24/7 streams presented around the world.
- Suitable controls.
- Landscape viewing experience on mobile.
- Full screen option to take pleasure of best quality.

System condition:
- You can connect through Wi-fi or mobile operator.
- Presented for Windows mobile phones and PC.

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