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ThrottleLock is a little app designed to lock your device, supports multi-language interface and tons of skins. Secure your phone by a special code. The phone will only be unlocked when a pattern is drawn on a grid of points. The phone CANNOT be unlocked without the correct code. It's highly important to remember the pattern you entered at it's startup. We recommend making a backup before you install this app. We take no responsibility of possible harm or data loss caused by it's use.
In the config dialog you must click the top right OK button to save the changes. Then exit soft key just exit the application without saving.
* WM5 / 6 / 61. Device.
* Net.CF 2.0 or 3.5 installed
* 1 MB of storage space.
* 1 MB of free memory.
* Will work on any device screen! It's tested to work in qVGA, wqVGA,VGA and wVGA.
* 3D effect will only work on Samsung or HTC GSensor enabled devices.
Copy the CAB file to your device and execute it from there. Execute softreset. You will see some new shortcuts in Start Menu > Programs

Skins are fully customizable. So are fonts and spacing.
Multi-language feature supports Spanish, English, French, German and Swedish translations. To translate the app to your language just copy the texts.txt file to a file named texts_XXX.txt where XXX is the 3 chars ISO code for your language and then translate the texts included in that file. Respect the line orders and carriage returns, also take care to keep the UTC16 encoding.

New functionality and design
* Added 3D effect based on GSensor (will work on Omnia and HTC GSensor enabled devices). Can be disabled through the settings dialog.
* Added Active tasks notification icon.
* Added Upcoming appointments notifications icon.
* Added Notifications dialogs showing:
o Number of Unread emails and the last unread email subject
o Pending tasks
o Unread SMS and the last unread body.
o Next Upcoming appointment if it's in the next two days.
o Number of missed calls and last missed call.
* Added minimum time lapse after last power off before ThrottleLock automatically locks the device.
* Fully redesigned settings dialog.
* Now if text size for the clock is 1, clock is not painted.

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