TrafficEdge free download


Now you can observe Critical Traffic Information real-time with over 8000 Traffic Camera Images and Traffic Maps. You can do it at home, at your job or even when you driving your car.

With help of the TrafficEdge you will always know the right way, so you can stay clear of traffic spots. Finally, the TrafficEdge is accessible for Windows Smartphone, Windows Pocket PC, and BlackBerry.


- Real-time access to over 8000 updated traffic cameras and maps.
- Better UI.
- Customizable catalog of cameras for most regularly used roads.
- History saves.
- Auto-refresh every 1- 20 minutes.
- Keypad make it convenient to zoom in and zoom out images.
- TrafficEdge incorporates server driven Service Oriented Architecture keeps maps updated. So you will always have the newest traffic camera images every time you view or refresh a camera image.

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