Virtual Recorder 1.11 free download

Virtual Recorder 1.11

This useful app is like a good old fashion tape recorder. It provides the “true tape” mechanism. You can to time stretch your recordings with the help of this application. It can be a great solution in reviewing of lectures, seminars and more. You can sample and slow the music down to practice any guitar’s solo if you’re the musician.

Special Features:

• Sample rates are: 16 bit 8,11,22,32 and 44Khz;
• Compression ranges 2K/s to 22K/s;
• Overwrite/append possibility with the “true tape” mechanism;
• Cut/Copy/Paste/Fade In/Fade Out functions;
• Time Shifting;
• Voice Activated Start (VAS);
• Availability of Record Autostop;
• Loop Points;
• Bookmarks;
• SD/CF Card support;
• Export capability;
• This program is the winner of Smartphone & PocketPC Magazine Best Software Awards.

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