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Where is… 0.9.0

See that it can be random situation in your life when you can forget where you parked your car in case of parade in the park or big sporting event. But you can easily avoid this situation if you use a new GPS application called “Where is…”, that gives you sense of distance and lets you know about the course from your destination without Internet connection. You don’t need to wander around the parking places, because it takes you less time to find your car with the help of this useful application. It also can help in case of boat travel by guiding your way back to the docks.

Notice, you must have .NET CF 3.5 to run this application. And this program uses an information connection if you use Search Destination or Google Maps.

The Latest Improvements:

• The GPS Connection works more invariably now;
• Some errors were corrected;
• There was added Baud Rate in settings (Default is 4800);
• Now you can save some energy with added Screen shutdown option in settings.
• You can see your actual position in different string type with new touch functions. You just need to tap on center of the screen;
• You can everything like Coordinates or Road with address with added Destinations search;
• This application has new apdated graphics UI;
• Good animations in Compass and Direction views was added;
• You can also use an option of satellites view. It has information about signal;
• The Direction view was improved;
• You can have fast access to Google Maps, GPS Com data, Satellites (when done), and Settings with added extra icons.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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