WM5torage v1.9 free download

WM5torage v1.9

This program allows you to export the flash memory card inside the smartphone as usual USB Mass Storage device (the usual "usb disk") - efficiently turning smartphone into flash reader.
WARNING. The option to choose various card slots to export will potentially let you to export the system(firmware) storages/disk partitions. Whereas it is very efficient instrument, inadequate usage of it can render the phone PERMANENTLY unusable. There is no 100% way to automatically define if the given storage device is the system one, WM5torage will only try to guess about it and show warnings, but it’s not 100% secure. So if you see the "second free memory card available", don’t format it/copy data on it (especially when you know that your device have only one card slot)!! You have been warned!
Windows Mobile 5 is required.
If you want to uninstall it, de-activate mass storage mode first.

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