Another program for smartphones with an accelerometer, which allows manage smartphone with inclinations. The need for pressing is just disappeared! The program does not limit RockNScroll control only in the smartphone’s menu, it also allows you to control your character in game mode!

RockNScroll program works only on smartphones with accelerometers at the moment, like Nokia N82, N95, N95-8GB, N96!

The file must be signed.

This app was designed for Symbian 9.x S60
Status: freeware

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Here is a very funny and captivating mobile game, where you need to milk as many cows as possible for a certain amount of time and sell your milk :)

Category: Arcade
Platform: Java
Version: Freeware

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SISXplorer allows you to extract files from the installation files (*. sisx) for Nokia 3rd Edition phones. For example, it is possible to extract all pictures of some theme. Usage of this useful program is very handy. All you need to do is just sow it the desired file, and it will show you a list of used files.

This software was deigned for Symbian OS 9.x S60
Status: free
Developer: symbian-toys

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The table for Bar Billiards is a little unusual. Billiard pockets are placed directly on the field, but not at the corners of the table. And the cue ball is located in the so-called D point with each hit.

The main advantage of Pocket Bar Billiards is the possibility of pairing game on one device and through WiFi. Detailed instructions can be found in the supplied document. Archive for download includes manual.

Category: Sports
Platform: Symbian
Version: Shareware

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You get on your way to certain places, to see some of the world's most famous buildings, driving with the king of the road - Range Rover. This game is a pure adrenalin in car form. Its 4.2-liter V8 engine will carry you across the entire landscape with great speed!

There are five stages in your world tour, where you have to go through all the stages in the fastest time, and then decide how much time you need to spend on sightseeing attractions.

The game’s graphics was designed to give you the best possible sense of driving on this fantastic vehicle.


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Be transported in Ricochet Lost Worlds, which is the most exciting and fascinating game ever made! Quality and elegance of “Recovery” graphics are really impressive. Players fight for victory in each of 80 different levels with eight different environmental spaces. Players have a choice among the four worlds, such as Sunken City, Volcanic Crust, Mayan Temple, and Alien Tech. Four levels of difficulty make Ricochet Lost Worlds available for any player.

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Developer: GigaSlot
Categories: Games / Board Games / Casino Games / Simulation Games
License: Freeware
Description: This game is a part of GigaSlot Mobile Casino Games. It is a classic European Roulette wich has a 3D view. It has standart types of bet. The game includes single zero, 36 numbered pockets, and special option, which allows you to hit an extra Jackpot. The table limit is 500.
Operating system: Symbian.

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You blow up again, then it is a Bomberman again! Bomberman series are classic, which was implemented on all known gaming platforms. Your goal is to clear the field using cleverly placed bombs to send your enemies on the other side of the living world.

Bomberman Deluxe revives this classic on your smartphone. Explore the colorfully painted levels. These levels are so great that you have to scroll them!

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Nuts is one of the most successful puzzle games.

Sharp and thrifty squirrel snaps up and stocks up... no, not chocolate, but just nuts. Complex logical puzzles and nuts hiding are just seeds for our intellectual rodent.

Help this little animal to bulldoze its way out of the woods collecting scattered nuts across the screen of mobile phone. Users also can use helicopter site plans - maps on which our squirell carries stones and nuts.

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Program description:

This software can enable displaying the device’s screen on a PC or a video projector in real time through Bluetooth, USB or Web availability.

Main Features:

- Prgram can enable displaying the device’s screen on a PC or a video projector online;
- You can navigate with PC’s keys and mouse;
- Screen shots ability;
- Video recording;
- Easy-to-use setup;
- PC connecting.

Special Requirements:

• Linux (with Sun Java v1.5+)
• Windows 2000, XP and Vista
• Windows Mobile 6.1+
• Symbian S60 3rd/5th Edition
• Nokia Maemo OS2008

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