Ms. Pacman was released by Midway in 1981 as a sequel to the highly successful game called Pacman. Ms. Pacman is one of the few games, which have maintained their uniqueness and the fundamental principle so well that these games are still in the catalogs of video-arcades around the world.

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This is the first full and complete BitTorrent client for smartphones. This program supports the downloading of multiple files at once flow, it is able to immediately upload and download, and can maintain the status of your unfinished downloads, so you can resume downloads after re-enabling applications. You can also check the status of each uploaded file, its properties and statistics.

Special Requirements:

- Symbian S60 2nd Edition (older version 1.30);
- Symbian S60 3rd/5th Edition.

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Here is a very useful application for mobile phonesm based on Symbian and Java, which allows you to watch videos and upload it to YouTube directly from your mobile phone.

Key Features:

- Access to the latest and most popular video clips on YouTube;
- Ability to view your subscriptions, playlists and favorite videos;
- Upload YouTube videos directly from mobile device;
- Advanced searching options.

Special Requirements:

- Sony Ericsson k800i, w880i
- Nokia N73, E51, E61, E61i, E65, N95, 6120c, 6110n

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Here is a music player for mobile phones, which supports all audio formats that your phone supports. The program can completely replace your boring standard phone player.

Some Features:

- ID3 tags support;
- App is skinnable;
- It shows the bit rate definition;
- You can create/edit M3U playlists;
- Album Art support;
- Visualizations support;
- Library, which can help in playlist creation or customization;
- You can specify folders;
- Background work ability.

Screen Resolutions:


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Towers Trap is a real challenge for you from Zone Projects, which is going to test your strategic thinking. Have you ever imagined that you may be the best strategy among all? Now you have the opportunity to prove it!

You protect the front line from enemies attacking your land, and you should use all your skills to stop them in Towers Trap. Unfortunately, a lot of enemies and you can think that your fate is sealed, and you lose the battle ... or probably win? Just do everything you can and prove that you are the best strategist!

Special Features:

- 8 types of enemies;

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Here is a very powerful true game engine for different mobile platforms. Its full version includes 3D OpenGL ES. This game application will help you to mobilize your code!

It Offers:

- API for high-performance 2D graphics;
- Software 3D render function;
- Hardware accelerated 3D graphics with the OpenGL ES usage;
- File access, input, connection to the web;
- And much more!

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Chess Genius is the one of the most popular chess program, which has excellent artificial intelligence with 30 levels of difficulty. Game provides a record of all the moves with the opportunity to replay any stage, the time is taken into account. Also there is a training mode and display of all possible moves. Chess Genius can calculate more than 100 000 strokes per second under certain circumstances.

- WM2003/2003SE, WM5/6;
- Landscape mode and VGA.

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This is a simple but captivating game for all fans of helicopters.

New Improvements and Features:

- You can save game anywhere;
- Online leaderboards!
- Now, the game is more challenging;
- It runce with better performance;
- Smoothest animation;
- 3D support for all mobile devices;
- Original target lock-on;
- Big number of weapons and characteristic improvements;
- Control system is adapted for 360 degrees;
- Support for all phones and screen resolutions.

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4Elements is a good space strategy for smartphones. You have to play for one of the four races, which landed on a planet in deep space with a mission of production of four new elements, like Sidium, Denium, Ferium and Gerium.

Your task will be development of base, construction of various ground and flying units, mining resources, trade with other races, energy production, and of course fight for survival, according to classics of the genre.

Special Requirements:

- 2MB of storage;
- Devices of Series 60 3rd Edition.

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This captivating game fits people, who like to learn new things. You will discover the whole world using your mobile device and this amazing game application.

Travel Genius is a unique quiz, which is entirely devoted to the geography and everything what is connected with it. Hundreds and hundreds of questions await you!


- Two game modes, like traditional and hardcore;
- Two difficulties;
- Stylus support;
- Eight topics;
- Statistics and world record table are clearly detailed;
- Tasks filters;
- About 1,000 questions;
- Geographical IQ determiner.

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