It is the latest and special release of the best PPC software browsers.

Special Features :

- Opera Link;
- Download manager;
- UI is more finger-friendly on touch devices;
- Possible to manage search engines;
- Opera remembers page position and zoom state when moving in history;
- Column snapping also on touch;
- Better memory management;
- Fix for mobile view crash;
- Start page available from touch menu;
- Lots of minor bug fixes;
- Clear cache setting;
- Asks whether to set Opera as default browser on install;

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This software introduces the greatest satellite TV provider in United Kingdom. It’s a client for WM devices. You can have access to program lists with settable recording features from any location. This program allows you to tie into news service of Sky. You will enjoy this software for sure, especially if you have a touch screen device.

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Are you looking for improving of your decision-making skills? Yes, you’re, then you’ll see, that this card game was specially designed for your taste. You can decide what cards to keep and what cards to discard. Play against the Dealer and try to be the best in this cruel competition!


- Symbian OS;
- MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.0.

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This game is a simple arcade which helps you to improve your reaction skills. You stand with a gun in front of doors. Doors will be opened from time to time, and you see zombies or your colleagues from the police. Be attentive, shoot the zombies for maximum, but don’t touch people! And remember, you receive more challenge with any new level. Good Luck!

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Now you can have the new beta version of the windows mobile version of Opera Mobile. Version 10 brings a complete new browsing skill to windows mobile.


- Now you can set up to 9 sites for quick access from the home page.
- A new Tab Manager with thumbnail foretaste.
- Built in Password manager that automatically saves username and passwords and auto fill these upon page load.
- Faster page loads and less data charges for you.
- Also you can have bookmark manager, history, double tap to zoom in, smooth scroll for webpages, landscape support, etc…

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Now you can have “Airfight Heroes”! It is an exciting shooting game with high quality graphics and music.

AirFight Heroes is a mobile vertical shooter game. The game has excellent 2D graphics and high quality music and sound effects. There are two player jet-fighters accessible with personal unique bullet style. Also players can raise weapon levels via obtaining energy props and can also select weapons by taking advantage of alternating props.


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Light Sabre is the built in Accelerometer API of the N97 and the 5800. Now you can use your mobile phone as a light sabre. It’s present you several settings such as volume, sabre colour and more.
This program is a freeware and really funny when you show it to your friends.
Also it is developed for and tested on the Nokia 5800 only, it should run with 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2 devices like Nokia N96, Nokia N85, Nokia N79, 6210 Navigator, as well as to Nokia E66 which is based on the Feature Pack 1.


- Install to internal memory ( C:/) drive

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iBaptiste is a new program for the Nokia N97, 5800 XpressMusic and the Samsung I8910 Omnia HD.
It permits you to recreate the well-known words of Daft Punks` song ”Harder, Faster, Better Stronger”. So, you can be a little song author and impress your friends. By the way, the program is also accessible for the PC.


- Friendly interface.
- Easy to use.
- Create your one music.
- You can impress your friends.

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Mobbler is the last FM radio player for your mobile devices. This program permits you to listen to your favorite FM stations using the S60 Music Player.

Requirements: Symbian S60 3rd/5th Edition.


- Album art evolutions between tracks.
- You can slide albums on touch screen phones.
- You can choose the mp3 quality between 64Kbps and 128Kbps.
- Set alarms to wake up.
- You can make playlists.
- Start an exacting playlist radio station.
- Search for tracks, artist, albums, tags.
- More options in the net services.
- Some errors fixes.

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Barcoo is an application that allows you to scan foodstuffs and different goods in the supermarket! Thanks to this program you get information about any product.

It gives you information about the creation, the best price, analysis, healthy-information, wikipedia-links and much more.

The application runs on all S60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition devices.

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