Now you can have “Head2Head”. It is a new racing game, that has been planned using the most modern 3D technologies to deliver the last racing experience.

Using a state of the art physics engine to control the car suspension, Head2Head gives the player an opportunity to have a wild ride across all roads.


- Full screen mode (208x320).
- 3D environment and models.
- 3D stereo.
- Real graphics .
- Five tracks and three car models.

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SymRDP is wireless remote access from mobile phone to PC. (v.1.00.47)
Wireless (Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE, ...) This app operating with one of the following Operation Systems:
- Microsoft Windows Vista ;
- Microsoft Windows XP Professional;
- Microsoft Windows Server (NT, 2000, 2003, 2008).


- Now you can use you phone to execute almost any tasks on remote PC.
- Install wholly functional 14-day Trial version to check this program and see for yourself why this popular application is translated into more than 30 languages.

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SymPlayer 1.00 is one of the best MP3 players with one exclusive and individual aspect – wireless audio streaming directly from PC.
This feature allows you to playback MP3 files in a straight line from net locations. Using this app you can surf your net for MP3 content or just play everything in “Play List”. You can do all this wirelessly (WiFi, 3G).

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Now you can have seven applications for phone to computer wireless net contact in one ultimate software collection. Each program is unique for Symbian based phones.

1. SymRDP - full Remote Access to computer from your touchscreen mobile phone!
2. SymVPN - protect your phone Internet link with PPTP VPN client!
3. SymNAS - permits you to use PC to browse all phone files.
4. SymSync - totally automated file management between phone and PC.
5. SymPlayer - play MP3 files straight from your computer.
6. Telexy Network Browser - use your phone to surf computer files from anywhere.

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Mute and ignore unwanted callers!
Easy Mute will help you stop worrying about unwanted callers and get pleasure from your privacy. Now you don’t need to turn off your phone just to keep away from interruptions - allow it to the Easy Mute. Allocate the Easy Mute silent ring tone to the encroaching contact(s) and leave it to the program to suppress not needed calls. This app is also able to immediately mute the present sound profile. Easy Mute is a FREE application.


- Silent ignoring of all blacklisted numbers;
- Ability to mute the present sound profile;

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Now you do not need to spend time looking in the phone menu and select the desired function: you can simply dial a short number with SpeedDial + and the action will be executed.

Now you can perform some action even with one hand and very quickly!
Application SpeedDial + creates a lot of your own speed dial numbers. Using this application you can quickly execute a call, quickly open any application or send SMS.

SpeedDial + provides the following features:

-opens a predefined application
-changes the status of Bluetooth
-creates a shortcut with single key combination

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Are you ready to do the most crazy things in the name of love? You can download this game application if you’re prepared for the unusual love story. This unique game gives you a possibility to see a real love of robots...

Your mission is to help Robo to save his sweetheart Eny. She was kidnapped by the tricky Discharger. This wicked character hid Eny in the deepest underground complex. Robo went to save Eny, but he detected, that complex is protected by lasers. Now he has a new mission to block this lasers. And you’re the one who can help him in this difficult task.

Special Features:

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Everyone knows about the object of the volleyball, but try to perform it with your stylus or buttons. Try this unique volleyball game on your mobile device and try to control a jelly boy player.

Special Features:

- Notice, the gameplay of this game is very addictive;
- Handy controls;
- HQ sound and graphis;
- AI opponents with different skill levels;
- Classic (usual) and Official (enhanced) game modes;
- Individual names of the players and statistics;
- Help and the rules of the game;
- Ability to play with a human or to see how computer plays against a computer.

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Unique game app called Nemix is introduced for your attention. Your task is to defend the base, build different shields and decode enemy’s codes.

You can improve your score, if you think fast and have a good reaction. Be sure, this game helps you to increase your texting and arithmetical speed! You can bravely download it, and you’ll become a real texting master, so no one can match you in this occupation.

Game features:

- 20 levels;
- Text, Number, Text & Numbers Modes;
- 5 difficulty levels, like Easiest, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Hardest;

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This game is freeware application for the Symbian devices. It’s a breathtaking adventure game.

Visit your grandparents and find a strange hole in a deserted part of the wine cellar of their cottage. Arm with an electric torch, compass and your mobile device to discover the unknown places.

You have to find and use various tools, climb ladders, explore strange places, solve puzzles... But be very careful!

This first person game includes three-dimensional multi-level rooms, so it can allure you for a new exploring.

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