Here is 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer Schedule.

Special Requirements:

- HanDBase v.4.x Enhanced or higher.

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Here is a package of 3 well-known solitaires, like Spider, Freecell and Klondike for the price of two.

Main Features:

• Three card skins with sharp and clear graphics
• Current game state saved for each game type
• Play modes: trackball or keypad
• Unlimited undo
• Show Next Move feature
• Supports timed game
• Adjustable game field color and card back
• Advanced Pile View option
• Best times table for each game type
• Statistics for each game type
• Game rules

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This is a simple but captivating game for all fans of helicopters.

New Improvements and Features:

- You can save game anywhere;
- Online leaderboards!
- Now, the game is more challenging;
- It runce with better performance;
- Smoothest animation;
- 3D support for all mobile devices;
- Original target lock-on;
- Big number of weapons and characteristic improvements;
- Control system is adapted for 360 degrees;
- Support for all phones and screen resolutions.

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You can receive the most solid program for the spam protection. All you need to do is just download it!

Now, you need no tricks, hacks and redirection settings to be totally protected!


- App is easy-to-use. You need no config;
- No subscription fees;
- Program is very effective and unobtrusive;
- You’ll never meet the spam again. It reacts rapidly!

Operating System: BlackBerry 4.1 or higher.

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This amazing health software allows you to set any objective, track nutrition and exercise, measure the progress and calculate numerous fitness ratios.

Ascendo Fitness application is the best assistant in a daily routine to exiting health products and plans. So you can get started today on a healthier, happier lifestyle with this useful program!

Special Features:

- Unlimited set of Databases and Tools;
- You can record your daily Entries;
- You can track the progress;
- All graphs are adapted to your data;
- Personalize settings and calculate fitness ratios;

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Here is a classic arcade game for all the fans of labyrinths. You will control a steel ball. Your mission is to lead it to finish hole oа the wooden labyrinth.

Key Features:

- Advanced physics engine;
- More than 13 levels;
- Each level consists of about 10 games;
- Many interaction objects;
- Cool sounding;
- Vibro ability;
- Autosave after each finished level;
- Free updates for registered app.

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This amazing game is a lookalike of popular Simon game. Just repeat the light pattern, which is generated by the artificial intelligence. Start/stop game by touching the logotype in the middle of the screen.

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You can deliver Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with the help of this useful application. Do it directly from your BlackBerry device. All you need to do is just plug BB Presenter into a projector(monitor) and choose "Present" from the wizard on your BB device.

Key Features:

- Loop Mode;
- PowerPoint effects support;
- Freeze mode;
- Bluetooth connection;
- Easy-to-use;
- Program is compatible with different video formats, like PAL and NTSC.

Special Requirements:

- BlackBerry OS 4.6 or higher.

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Blooover J2ME utility of Bluetooth auditing for cell phones. It allows you to detect vulnerable phones and download their personal information.

It was designed for Java (J2ME)
Status: freeware

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You blow up again, then it is a Bomberman again! Bomberman series are classic, which was implemented on all known gaming platforms. Your goal is to clear the field using cleverly placed bombs to send your enemies on the other side of the living world.

Bomberman Deluxe revives this classic on your smartphone. Explore the colorfully painted levels. These levels are so great that you have to scroll them!

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