Here is a brand new adventure game with gorgeous cartoon graphics, what gives a good mood anytime. The jokes remind us of the popular adventure games by Sierra and Lucas.

Main Features:

- More than 50 various locations on the Greek islands to play;
- Various characters from the Greek Mythology;
- Ability to play mini games;
- Day or night conditions;
- Hidden extras;
- Multilanguage support;
- HQ cartoon graphics;
- HVGA screen support;

Special Requirements:

- BlackBerry OS 4.0 or later.

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Here is a classic arcade game for all the fans of labyrinths. You will control a steel ball. Your mission is to lead it to finish hole oа the wooden labyrinth.

Key Features:

- Advanced physics engine;
- More than 13 levels;
- Each level consists of about 10 games;
- Many interaction objects;
- Cool sounding;
- Vibro ability;
- Autosave after each finished level;
- Free updates for registered app.

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This application is a special sports pick'em for BlackBerry pocket phones.

Main Features:

- It picks from any College and Professional sport;
- You can receive Team updates and Sports Scores.

Operating System: BlackBerry 4.3 or later.

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You will take place in the events of World War ΙΙ. You need to capture the capital of the enemy.

The goal of each round is to clear the map sector from the enemy, cross the river and other obstacles to further progress. You must have some skills to perform the job, like controlling with the index finger, the ability to send to the West or East, and move through the devastated compounding techniques.


- Three armed aces, like Allied, Soviet, German;
- Three totally movable tanks like, Tiger, Sherman, T34;
- Amazing effects of destroying the landscape;

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Here is a package of 3 well-known solitaires, like Spider, Freecell and Klondike for the price of two.

Main Features:

• Three card skins with sharp and clear graphics
• Current game state saved for each game type
• Play modes: trackball or keypad
• Unlimited undo
• Show Next Move feature
• Supports timed game
• Adjustable game field color and card back
• Advanced Pile View option
• Best times table for each game type
• Statistics for each game type
• Game rules

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This amazing game is a lookalike of popular Simon game. Just repeat the light pattern, which is generated by the artificial intelligence. Start/stop game by touching the logotype in the middle of the screen.

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This amazing game will fit you perfectly, if you like trivia game. This game is about game shows.

• More than 200 of the best TV and Movie theme songs;
• Ten Questions for each play with 4 variants of answers;
• Any game includes an original set of songs;
• You can view your score at the finish of any game;
• You can listen to the entire song, if you need help;
• 3 Levels of difficulty;
• Volume Controls;
• You’re able to use the ringtones with your mobile device.

Special Requirements:

- BlackBerry 7200, 7500, or 7700 Series.

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You can receive the most solid program for the spam protection. All you need to do is just download it!

Now, you need no tricks, hacks and redirection settings to be totally protected!


- App is easy-to-use. You need no config;
- No subscription fees;
- Program is very effective and unobtrusive;
- You’ll never meet the spam again. It reacts rapidly!

Operating System: BlackBerry 4.1 or higher.

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What is World War II quiz?

This smart application will give you answers to 45 questions about the most exciting events of World War II. But remember, that the quiz will be restarted, if you fail three questions in a row. Don’t worry, you just need to train your memory a little to give only the right questions. But it is a very good deal, because it trains your memory skills. Be attentive and come up to the best high scores!

Operating System: BlackBerry 4.2 or higher.

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Here is a handy translator for BlackBerry devices.

You receive fast and reliable program for translation.

All you need to do is just choose a language and enter the text. Then you press Translate. And voilà!

Application support more than 80 languges for translation.

Operating System: BlackBerry 3.6 or higher.

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