This Pocket PC application called Mario Docker is an amazing arcade game that runs in Tetris style.

Your task is to help Mario to unlade all the barges which are come into port. But you must use all your skills to do this job right.

Special Features:

• Amazing animation;
• New FX;
• Bonus features;
• Threatening bricks;
• Resume capability;
• A lot of an interesting levels;
• Breathtaking gameplay.

Operating System: Windows CE.

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This PDA application allows you to turn your camera phone into a scanner, copier, and fax.

All you need to do is just take photos, send them to this program, and you can get clean, legible copies as a PDF, text file or vCard.

Main Features:

- Clean pictures of any doc, whiteboard and business card;
- Extract any text and contact info;
- Online storing/searching/sharing.

App Requires Java MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.0
Program works with most 2+ megapixel and some 1 megapixel camera mobile devices.

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Take control of a planetary fighter and battle against multiple enemies of the alliance in this all new 3D mobile game for PDAs.
Planet Assault Game features:
• 12 missions with integral rank and medal system
• 3 planets to fight on
• 3 difficulty levels with the ability to alter the difficulty if a mission is too tricky
• 4 types of weapons
• Fully configurable controls
• 3 Levels of visual quality to get the best frame rate on your PDA!
• Fast performance with Skwork's 3Dmgpl game engine
Compatible Devices: Pocket PC 2002 (Windows CE 3.0.1) and over

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This software introduces the greatest satellite TV provider in United Kingdom. It’s a client for WM devices. You can have access to program lists with settable recording features from any location. This program allows you to tie into news service of Sky. You will enjoy this software for sure, especially if you have a touch screen device.

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Your task is to collect the construction of the tubes. You must be fast, because of the time limitation.

Game Rules and Tips:

Click at the figure with your stylus pen to move it. Cursory buttons and arrows are for the derection selection. You can’t turn and stop the moving figure. Earn as much points as possible. You can do it, if you move fast, use the minimum number of movements, and choose the most difficulty skill level.


- Free trial period;
- 3 levels of difficulty;
- Undo feature of the last movement;
- Addictive gameplay.

OS: Windows CE.

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The latest addictive game called Twig Rig from the GameFalls developers is available for your use! This game app consists of the puzzle and arcade elements, 3 levels of difficulty, 2 game modes and stunning interface!

Your task is to pass the biggest number of the levels to score as much points as possible. You have to collect 3 or more equally colored balls in one line to make the disappearance of them. Download this game for free and enjoy its addictive gameplay!

Operating System: Windows CE.

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xWeb is a full multi-threaded server for Windows CE, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices.

- HTTP/0.9, HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 compatibility.
- Common Gateway Interface (CGI) support.
- Fully customizable.
- Compatible with all web browsers.
- Multi-threaded, high-performance operation.

It requires Windows CE 2.11 or higher

Name: Albert Wdowiak
Serial: 62883413

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