Here is ten special betting games for all fans of this type of games.

Special Requirements:

- Samsung Omnia 2 (i8000).

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1403h is a numeric puzzle in the style of MasterMind. The goal is to guess the three-digit number. You get a hint that shows occurring situation after entering the three digits. The first number means that the numbers are set correctly on their location and size. The second number indicates that the numbers are set correctly, but their position is not correct.

1 1: One figure is correct for the location and size, and one is correct for magnitude only.
3 0: You guess the number completely!
The number of attempts is 10..

- Sound

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This classic puzzle game has a long story about 100 years. But it has a great number of fans all over the world. This nice application can also be used as a learning tool for foreign numbers. The users of this app have a possibility to load different pictures in any format.

New scripts of the latest version:

• Regular;
• Chinese;
• Cyrillic;
• Arabic;
• Thai.

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This utility is 16/20 QuickLinks and Extended Appointments on HTC Sense.

It was especially made for the HD2 and it brings features like

- 16/20 QuickLinks mod;
- extended appointments view;
- clear view;
- grid view;
- multiline text labels.

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1Liner is an app that gives access to one liners, yo mama jokes, jokes by famous people and Chuck Norris jokes.

Features: user-friendly interface, random jokes so that you read a different joke each time, add jokes, category and favorite jokes, copy and delete, store jokes, support WQVGA, WVGA, VGA and QVGA!

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