This application represents well-known dice game for PPC called Yamb. This game is a clone of popular Yahtzee game.

You play this game with 5 dice. It is given 3 rolls for each turn. Use 5 dice for the first roll. You can choose any amount of dice to roll on your other rolls. You need to develop your own style of play and create your own combination after third roll. Then you can write down your scores. Make new turn after the turn and do it until you end the score table, which consists of 4 columns of 12 rows.

Special Requirements: Windows Mobile 5 or higher.

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You’ll be able to master the Surya Namaskara practice of yoga thanks to this 3-in-1 package.

This pack includes the understanding of “OM”. Also you will learn:

- the meaning of the Sankrit letter;
- the meaning of OM;
- why we chant OM;
- how to chant OM properly.

You’ll have the base knowledge of OM after completing this module. It will enhance your meditation practice.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Need a powerful RSS reader? So, you can try this amazing application called YomoMedia on your pocket device. And you’ve a great possibility to get the latest news, blogs, video and audio podcasts. So, detect and discover only needed content with this useful app.

Special Features:

- Huge package of news and media;
- Content browser;
- User-friendly interface;
- Lists are managed by you;
- Update system;
- Internet app to Sync with PPC app;
- Fast to update;
- You can view the usage of memory;
- Twitter integration.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This useful multimedia application was designed by Youtube developers specially for Windows Mobile use. You can stream any Youtube video on your device without the browser. And don’t worry, you will get a high video quality. Youtube Mobile streams the suitable video quality after the calculating of your data rate. Download and enjoy this easy-to-use software!

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This friendly Windows Mobile app allows you to find videos on YouTube and play them with its own media player in the full FLV video format. This freeware application is very simple in usage.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Here is simple Minesweeper for Pocket PC with a table of records. Generator of activation code is on official site.

Updates in version of Minesweeper 1.3 +:

- Bug was fixed when it was possible to continue playing after clicking on a mine.

It was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0, 6.x for Pocket PC
Status: free
Developer: Z-Team Development Studio

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Main mission of this puzzle game is a very simple, all you need to do is just arrange Japanese rock Gardens.
Try to determine challenging puzzles with simple admirable pictures and sounds.
Create and design your beautiful gardens.
This excellent addictive puzzle game will certainly keep you charmed for a lot of time! Enjoy!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Cool table tennis from RESETgame. You will receive high-quality graphics, realistic ball physics and great sound.

System requirements: WM2002 - WM6.5
Developer: RESETgame
Language: English

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