This software is an app for auto-rotate of your screen with the HTC Touch Pro / HTC Touch Diamond’s GSensor.

This program is different from the other apps of this kind, because it is written to only perceive firm moves, skipping moves performed by your device moving in your pouch.

Firstly, make sure that your pocket device is in a horizontal position, and then you can force a change by firmly moving your HTC phone to landscape/portrait mode. Just move your phone firmly from a face up to an upside down pos, if you want to know rotate it or not.

Operating system is Windows Mobile.

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“Zoomer”, is a useful little Pocket PC program, that permits you to re-establish pinch zooming to any EXE on your HTC HD2. You can make possible multi-touch in any application you prefer or put it out of action in selected apps.


- Easy to use.
- Friendly interface.
- High-quality app.

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This breathtaking action puzzler was designed for your pocket Windows Mobile device. Your mission is to control the ancient frog idol of stones named Zuma. This idol shoots coloured balls from his frog mouth toward the developing balls line, thereby he makes sets of similar color balls which explode in that case. You can use the bonus balls, which help you to complete some level faster with their features like line reversal, slow-down, or explosions. You will also enjoy the music and awesome sound effects of this game.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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