Blooover J2ME utility of Bluetooth auditing for cell phones. It allows you to detect vulnerable phones and download their personal information.

It was designed for Java (J2ME)
Status: freeware

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Take the path from novice to the legends of poker. There are several game modes in this game.
There is an online multiplayer. It supports the game against 9 players in real time and the global rating.

System Requirements: WM6 - WM6.5
Screen resolution: VGA, WVGA
Setup Type: CAB
Language: English

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You can use this freeware useful program with Windows Mobile 6 operating sytem. It has a great functionality. Google Maps v3.0 has Latitude. Other features are: My Location, driving directions, business listings, street view, live traffic, transit & walking directions.

You can with Google Latitude next:
You always know about your friends location and you can contact them rapidly. Also it provides complete control over your privacy.

The Latest Improvements:

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WIFI Remote Access is an application, which allows to get access to the mobile device from your PC via WiFi. Here is an updated to Premium version of this useful program.

- Access to data on the mobile device;
- Transfers files from PC to your device via WiFi;
- Views images from the device and listen to the music in your PC browser;
- Registry Editor.

System requirements:
WM6 - WM6.5
.Net Compact Framework 3.5
Additional Requirements: Wi-Fi
Setup Type: CAB
Language: English

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Here is a new game which is based on the last movie of James Cameron called Avatar. The fate of the planet Pandora is in danger and only one person can save it. And it is the main character, Jake Sully. You will visit the wild jungle, soar in the skies and engage in bloody battles.

Special Features:

- The official mobile game of James Cameron's Avatar;
- The original plot, which is similar to the film;
- The varied gameplay, which is full of adventures and battles;
- 7 different realms;
- New game engine Organi, which is distinguished by an excellent physics.

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