Here is a music player for mobile phones, which supports all audio formats that your phone supports. The program can completely replace your boring standard phone player.

Some Features:

- ID3 tags support;
- App is skinnable;
- It shows the bit rate definition;
- You can create/edit M3U playlists;
- Album Art support;
- Visualizations support;
- Library, which can help in playlist creation or customization;
- You can specify folders;
- Background work ability.

Screen Resolutions:


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LettersFall is a word play. It begins with several rows of letters which are at the bottom of the playground. The new letters are falling from above. Your task is to clear the playing field with making words from letters. The longer the word the more points you can get, as well as useful bonuses.

Compatibility: Palm OS color, HiRes (320x320), Sony HiRes + (320x480), Palm OS 5
Developer: Western Software Technologies

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You receive all the fun of the Internet phenomenon for your PDA or phone with this amazing application. Construct your unique tracks by grabbing the pencil tool to send your virtual sledder down the route with the ramps, hills, jumps...

You can start your track from scratch if you choose “Create Tracks”. You can complete the different game challenges if you choose “Puzzles”. You can also send your own designs to other Line Rider users if you choose “Shared Tracks”.


• This app is an unique mobile version of the Internet phenomenon;
• 9 line tools;
• Puzzles Mode;

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There are two all-known games in one package with arcade and logical elements! They have simple rules, but train good your intuition and intelligence with variety of levels and game modes.
Just download this amazing game application and dive into a whirlpool of gladness, excitement and riddles which becomes more rich every playing day.

Special Features:

• Popular “Lines” gameplay;
• Arcade and classic game modes;
• 66 levels;
• Right soundtrack and colorful graphics;
• Custom friendly interface;
• You can customize these two games as you like;

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This software can solve your painful problems, which are connected with map viewing. Specifically, this application gives you an opportunity to view any map regardless of the size. And it can also fit you, if you want to view any picture of high resolution.

Some Features:

- This program works very fast and reliably;
- Advanced zoom features;
- Qualitative decoding;
- Support for any resolution of the screeen;
- ARM optimization;
- Thumbnail view;
- Memory card browser with advanced features.

Operating System: Palm.

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This software allows you to log and sketch any event, idea, note, thought, feeling, etc. by the simple and fast way!


- Full screen gives you a handy ability to enter or view any text;
- Perform any operation with yout diary you want with this app, like searching/saving/viewing/printing;
- Filters for data by category or date;
- Searching by the keyword;
- Detailed view;
- Color sketch screen;
- And more.

Operating System: Palm.

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The Mobiano Pocket Game Pack is a collection of 4 high-quality and classic PPC games. These fun games offer a refreshing break from your routines. The Pack is very small and addictive and comes complete with full install wizards.
Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Pocket PC

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Ms. Pacman was released by Midway in 1981 as a sequel to the highly successful game called Pacman. Ms. Pacman is one of the few games, which have maintained their uniqueness and the fundamental principle so well that these games are still in the catalogs of video-arcades around the world.

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