Draw your attention to the latest arcade game for Palm OS from the Albyte Software creators called The Belt 2120.

Your task is to guide your space ship via the asteroid belt that gathers round the Earth. So, take your sizeable part in this saving mission and try to take on the alien invasion fleet with this amazing scrolling shooter.


• 5 levels;
• 3D modeled space ships;
• Special weapons;
• Upgrade feature;
• Tricky obstacles;
• Full screen graphics;
• Breathtaking soundtrack.

Operating System: Palm OS.

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This application gives you a unique package of logical games, which are designed specially to give an opportunity of memory and math skills improving.


- 9 various games;
- 6 game modes;
- Colorful graphics;
- Intelligent scoring;
- Captivating gameplay;
- Top ten high scores;
- Controls are settable;
- Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division equations.

OS: Palm 4.0 or higher.

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Here is clon of classic Nintendo game. Toss Up came out in 80’s and it was the first in the very successful Game & Watch series.

All you need to do is just catch the falling balls before they smash on the floor. You will do this by moving the juggler’s hands to the left or right.

System Requirements:

- Palm OS 3.0 or higher.

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