This is a simple but captivating game for all fans of helicopters.

New Improvements and Features:

- You can save game anywhere;
- Online leaderboards!
- Now, the game is more challenging;
- It runce with better performance;
- Smoothest animation;
- 3D support for all mobile devices;
- Original target lock-on;
- Big number of weapons and characteristic improvements;
- Control system is adapted for 360 degrees;
- Support for all phones and screen resolutions.

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IQ Burping Phone -is a cool software by IQ-mobile. Run the application and make sweet music with the burping sounds included in the app. Please, try not to use it in your school, bus or other public places, but if you must...Enjoy!
OS Support: Windows Mobile for Pocket PC/Palm OS/Symbian/Tablet PC/Any Linux Distribution

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Try to compete with the artificial intelligence in Pool and Billiards with this addictive Palm OS application.

Special Features:

• 320x320 and 320x480 resolution support;
• 5-way navigator assistance;
• Custom friendly interface;
• Super-smart opponent;
• Play your favorite games like 9-Ball, 1-Cushion Billiards, 2-Cushion Billiards, 8-Ball (Bar Rules), 8-Ball (BCA Rules), 8-Ball (UK Rules), Pyramid;
• Practice, You vs. Player, You vs. Comp Game Modes;
• Colour choice;
• Enhanced geometrical settings;
• Quick engine;
• Smooth animation even at 50fps;
• Ball moves really;

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Funny and cheeky pedestrian parody of Carmageddon is now available for Palm OS and Pocket PC.

Strange guy goes out for his daily jog as always, but the streets are busy this day. New adventures awaits this guy with unlucky number 13 on his back. Ugly old women crawle road in the wrong place and extremals on skateboards look for collisions. But he has an opportunity to show his tongue to dity road worker or trick cop who sticks to him like a burr. And this unusual and staggering journey has just begun!

Main Features:

- Attractive gameplay;
- Good effects;
- Good sounds and music;

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Get ready for funny chemistry, witty physics and shocking astronomy! Check out the most unusual laboratory in the world and try your skills in the most captivating tactic puzzle game.

Game Features:

- Ability to play together against each other or alone against the AI;
- 3 game modes;
- The original compilation of interesting facts from the world of science;
- 17 original levels;
- 3 bonus arenas for learning;
- Pleasant and stylish music;
- Attractive and bright graphics.

This game was designed for Palm OS.

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You have a great opportunity to play excellent bowling simulator game with 4 different lanes and funny animations.


- Cool graphics.
- Great animations for spares, strikes and misses.
- Two difficulty levels.
- True bowling physics.
- Four lanes to play.

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You assembler at the factory for the production of robots. Your task is to equip each robot with hands and head before they reach the checkpoint.

System requirements: PalmOS 3.5

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This app for handheld devices was designed to allow you to keep track of the NASCAR Sprint Cup schedule on your. You can keep a list at your fingertips of all the tracks, races, drivers, and winners for the season.

This app can keep track of the winners for each week.

Main Features:

- Easy to use input;
- App includes 2010 schedule, drivers and tracks;
- Easy tracking of the winners by selecting from the driver list;
- Advanced options of sorting;
- It allows to send race data to the Datebook app;

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Here is clon of classic Nintendo game. Toss Up came out in 80’s and it was the first in the very successful Game & Watch series.

All you need to do is just catch the falling balls before they smash on the floor. You will do this by moving the juggler’s hands to the left or right.

System Requirements:

- Palm OS 3.0 or higher.

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