Improve your skills and intellect with this unlimited game pack, which can challenge you for a long time. Be patient and you will fluke.

Game Features:

- Fully-working demo version
- Over 130 layouts
- Show free tiles option
- Background colors
- Detailed statistics
- Top scores board
- Game information
- Save/Load game
- Auto-resume last game
- Two tile-sets
- Two difficulties
- Five tile sizes
- JPEG backgrounds support
- Games filter
- Games quick preview
- Animation effects
- Game timer
- High-quality sound support
- Customizable tool bar

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LettersFall is a word play. It begins with several rows of letters which are at the bottom of the playground. The new letters are falling from above. Your task is to clear the playing field with making words from letters. The longer the word the more points you can get, as well as useful bonuses.

Compatibility: Palm OS color, HiRes (320x320), Sony HiRes + (320x480), Palm OS 5
Developer: Western Software Technologies

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This application was created for people who like gambling and have no life without Vegas. It perfectly fits you, if you’re of this kind. Real Dice Video Poker takes you to the strip everytime you run this application. You can play Deuces Wild, Double Bonus or Double Double Bonus, Jacks or Better.

Special Features:

• Simple interface, but colourful graphics;
• Real Casino Experience;
• You can play it safe or go All-in with up to 5 coin deals;
• You can chat with any player;
• You can know who break the bank;
• You can easily take your winnings to other Real Dice Casino apps.

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You receive all the fun of the Internet phenomenon for your PDA or phone with this amazing application. Construct your unique tracks by grabbing the pencil tool to send your virtual sledder down the route with the ramps, hills, jumps...

You can start your track from scratch if you choose “Create Tracks”. You can complete the different game challenges if you choose “Puzzles”. You can also send your own designs to other Line Rider users if you choose “Shared Tracks”.


• This app is an unique mobile version of the Internet phenomenon;
• 9 line tools;
• Puzzles Mode;

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Do you like a minimalism and very addictive games? So, this game application will fit you perfectly in that case.

It has simple graphics and little effects, but you take the advantage of its strategy features. You can bravely download this app, if you want to improve your strategy skills and have many hours of addictive pleasure. Be sure, this game will help you!

Operating System: Palm OS.

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Here is an interesting audiobook for people who like detective stories, because it gives you a possibility to listen to the most breathtaking adventures of well-known detective Sherlock Holmes and his irreplaceable assistant Dr. Watson.

Special Requirements: Palm OS 5.2 or higher.

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This application gives you a unique package of logical games, which are designed specially to give an opportunity of memory and math skills improving.


- 9 various games;
- 6 game modes;
- Colorful graphics;
- Intelligent scoring;
- Captivating gameplay;
- Top ten high scores;
- Controls are settable;
- Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division equations.

OS: Palm 4.0 or higher.

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Feel like Yuri Gagarin and try to conquer space! Discover an unexplored space, solitary stars and insensate planets. You can ask if this is the total mission of the game? It is not the end, because this game brings a really addictive shoot-them-all action to the screen of your device... And you’ll see, what deal was prepared for you!


- Big number of the space ships of your enemy;
- You can improve your weapon;
- Special bonuses;
- Opportunity to make a military career: medals, rise in rank;
- Splendid 3D graphics;
- Stereo sounding and amazing sound effects while battle.

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Now you can test your eye for detail right on your mobile screen with SPOT! It is a crazily fun puzzle-game that can leave you wanting for more! All you have to do is just select from three different game modes and you will never play the same puzzle two times.


- Play hundreds of puzzles!
- More puzzles offered as FREE download
- Random puzzles
- Create multiple profiles, play and compete with your friends and family
- Keep track of your stats
- Relaxing music and sound effects
- Puzzle suggestions
- Screensaver mode
- FREE updates!

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