Download and enjoy this game, which will give an unforgettable pleasure to your kids and a peace of mind to you.

Your kids want to awake you, but you want to be in the arms of sleep. All you need to do is just give your mobile Palm phone to your children and say: “Why are you want to wake me up? Try to find the Funny-Bunny firstly!”

Requirements: Palm OS.

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This software allows you to log and sketch any event, idea, note, thought, feeling, etc. by the simple and fast way!


- Full screen gives you a handy ability to enter or view any text;
- Perform any operation with yout diary you want with this app, like searching/saving/viewing/printing;
- Filters for data by category or date;
- Searching by the keyword;
- Detailed view;
- Color sketch screen;
- And more.

Operating System: Palm.

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The full name of this advanced software is The Gentle File Manager, which is a full featured file maneger, truly!

It includes a big number of useful features, such as completely recursive copy/delete, detailed files and databases data wich can be changed.

It also has a support for HandEra 330 Hi-Res screen and handy use for HandEra/Sony pocket phones.

Special Requirements:

- Palm OS 3.5;
- Palm III.

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