This game is similar to well-known Atari 2600 console game, but it has a special difference. Compete against your opponent getting 4 in a row on the 3-Dimensional board playing this captivating.


- Single and multiplayer mode;
- 4x4x4 game board;
- You can impress your buddies with this unique game;
- Real challenge thanks to the 3D board;
- This app won’t let you boring, while you’re waiting your order at the restaurant, for example.

Special Requirements:

- PPC with ARM/XScale, MIPS or SH3 processor.

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This addictive game allows you to improve your concetration and ease your stress.

It is very easy to send the balls, and it is easy to remove them by hit, but they can come back... You will see that it is not very simple task, because you can lose your game, if a single one cones back!

Download and enjoy!

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Here is a classic 3D first person perspective shooting game for Windows Mobile devices.

Now you could have a real challenge anytime and anywhere with this true mobile version of the classic Counter Strike PC edition, if you are a fan of Counter Strike game.

Main Features:

• Smooth-scrolling 3D gameplay from a first person perspective;
• Impressive varieties of equipments for the battle, such as seven defending tools and ten weapons with different power, weight and stability;
• Radar system;
• The function of automatic lock;
• Different scenes and stages;

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Your mission is to control a very mobile remote control helicopter that is well armed and maintain order in your suburban area. You can be fully confident that this amazing game will give you many hours of fun and pleasure, because of its unsurpassed 3D graphics and game modes, where you can fly with your remarkable team. Game is very challenging and captivating, thanks to the powerful artificial intelligence.

Main Merits:

- Dual Flight Control Modes;
- Unique and real physics;
- This game is is from the next generation kinds!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Crazy building! Construct your buildings on different landscapes and put obstacles in the way of your opponents, which do the same job. Use your crane to lift parts and weapons, then place these parts on accessible locations and shoot at enemies or their buildings. You must continuously monitor the radar and try to don’t lose a sight of your enemy.

Special Features:

- Single game mode;
- Ability to play with friends through the BlueTooth;
- Excellent 3D graphics and sounding;
- Customized controls;
- Easy-to-use controls;
- Different types of weapon.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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According to legend, it was happened in a small mountain town in the south. There are 9 crystal balls in this town, which can give people eternal life, if they will gather together. These 9 ball were retained by the immortals. You have a wish to get the eternal life and come to this town. But remember, there is no return from it!

Special Features:

- Captivating 3D FPS;
- Elements of RPG;
- Radar system allows the player to easily find the location of enemies;
- Auto-aiming;
- The bloody scenes and horrific atmosphere;
- Over 5 hours of play;
- 4 Levels of difficulty;

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You just have to try this game of lawn darts kind on your Smartphone, because it has very unusual and addictive gameplay. So, you can bravely throw the darts in the backyard or travel on the moon and be occupied with this amazing game!

Special Features:

- Fun 3D characters;
- Unique camera views;
- Stylus play;
- Different locations to play, like moon, backyard, ocean, forest;
- Multiplayer Bluetooth mode;
- Multiplayer Phone mode;
- Tournament mode;
- 3D room with the trophies;
- 3D Crown Darts;
- Extra darts with fire, bombs, laser, splitter and even nuke darts!

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