Here is three-dimensional simulation of bowling. 6 stylized clubs of bowling with an individual atmosphere. Opportunity to participate in the game for up to 4 players (you can compete with friends or against the computer). Animated characters and musical themes. Table of records to save the results of games.

Status: demo version;
Developer: Omnigsoft;
Compatibility: Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0, 6.x for Pocket PC.

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You will be absorbed in the unforgettable tropical adventure with frantic action gameplay, if you choose this game!

You get to the island of volcanic origin instead of vacations and cruise on the ocean. Be careful, this island is packed with ghosts and huge mazes. Only quick feet and excellent reaction will help you to stay alive!

Key Features:

- Unique and eternal gameplay;
- Each new maze is generated with no repeat;
- Stunning exotic soundtrack;
- Mysterious design;
- Graphics is full of details and content;
- Rapid action;
- Increasing challenge of any new level.

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This program is designed to read 2D barcodes with the help of integrated mobile phone’s camera. 3GVision i-nigma 2D barcode Reader reads the next data: text messages, phone number or text, Email address or the URL of the Internet site.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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4Seasons is a nice puzzle, where you need to help the girl Miyako to collect all the wonders of the four seasons. You will be able to observe the sequence of the fall, winter, spring and summer choosing flowers, leaves and other objects on the shore of the beautiful lake with stylus. There are 24 levels in the game. They are different in difficulty and speed. This game also has a special bonus additional difficulties and points.

Category: Puzzle
Platform: Pocket PC
Version: Shareware

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Everyone can have a two way communication Pocket PC device which is handy for short range transmissions. So, you can have it, too! It is very easy with program called 4Talk. You create a mini walkie talkie network by pairing the several number of Pocket PCs. 4Talk uses Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth. You can use created network as long as your device has an IP address and your net is configured.

Key Features:

• Program has 16 independent channels and separate Emergency channel;
• Microphone Lock;
• You can see who is online and the information about the channel;
• Full Duplex Mode;

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Have you a desire to become a pirate? Then you have to play the games, which was played by real pirates. 5 Dice Corsair game gives you good graphics, sounds and pirate multiplayer.

You will roll the dice and need to guess what numbers will prevail in this game.

Status: demo version
Developer: Icom Consulting, Inc
OS: Windows Mobile

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