This app is very fun game. Your task is simple. All you need to do is just knock out or light up the lights in a 5x5 grate.

You end the game when you make all the squares black.


- Addictive gameplay;
- 5x5, 7x7, 9x9, 11x11 grates;
- All screen resolutions support;
- Screen orientation can be changed, but app will know it;
- Smartphones support.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Here is six more reasons to be addicted. This amazing package includes Crystal Clear, Black Jack, Tornado 21, Tic Tac Toe, BrainVita and slide ‘n’ solve picture puzzles. Enjoy!

Special Requirements:

- Windows Mobile Pocket PC

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Download the largest solitaire package in earnest for your Pocket PC. It consists of the amazing and all-known games, such as Spider, Canfield, Forty Thieves, FreeCell, Klondike, Pyramid, and Yukon. Believe, you will have no wish to search for the other solitaire games, because this application satisfies you in full with all the features, which can be designed for you favorite games.

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You have a great possibility of unlimited and fee listening to the music you wish. All you need to do is just select a needed channel. 977Music web radio always plays your favorite and the latest popular music hits live. This app was teasted on HTC Touch Pro. So, download this useful application and enjoy the clear sound of different radio channels, such as Country Music, Oldies, 80's Music, 90's Music, Classic Rock, Comedy and more!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Our hero came to the rest with his family. And all that he gets is a fun weekend with fresh blood zombies! It’s not what John Doe had expected…


- Different types of weapons.
- Thousands of zombies.
- Very, very much fights.
- High-quality animation and graphics.
- A lot of bonuses, types of enemies and unexpected surprises in all games.

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A Viking Saga is a free trade and adventure strategy. Your mission is to win royal elections. You must do it after you and your team get good reputation with the help of exciting adventures and tasks. So, get ready for a lot of surprises during the game, which gives you e xcellent graphics and good gameplay.

Category: Strategy
Platform: Pocket PC
Version: Freeware

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You can find that it is Texas Hold'em on steroids! Try to win at the next biggest poker game in the world. It is played such as Texas Hold'em, where each person gets 4 card for creating lots of possible hands and excitement!

Key Features:

- It is possible to plau against 11 players;
- Different game speed;
- Handy viewing of opponents;
- HQ graphics;
- Amazing sounding with on(off) option;
- The best artificial intelligence;
- Statistics;
- Face and nickname;
- Highlights winning cards;
- Other useful options.

OS: Windows Mobile

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