Electopia is an adventure game with advanced graphics. You play as a robot of service, who is crash-landed with his ship on a tropical island called Electopia... But this island is not very friendly. It is populated by the dangerous killer robots! Your task is to escape from this alien land and defeat all the enemies. Your cool weapon will help you to stay alive and kill the robot hordes.

Special Features:

- Incomparable graphics;
- Rapid gameplay, which is full of mad action;
- Easy-to-use touch controls;
- High-tech weapon, like Magneto Gun or the Electro Gun;

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This racing is one of the best games of this kind. Download it and get the amazing cartoon race on the karts at fantastic routes.

Three game modes are: Championship, which is divided into three laps with different levels of difficulty; Time Attack, where you race against time to improve management skills; and a Quick Race.

Easy-to-use and handy controls with a central joystick and onscreen buttons of gas and brake. This game gives you a never ending gameplay for sure! The entire game consists of five worlds and twelve clearly traced maps.


- Smooth gameplay;

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Fieldrunners is one of the great games, which is the embodiment of Tower Defense. Fieldrunners has excellent graphics and captures the player so that he(she) will be removed from the outside world!

You will need to build towers in strategic options to stop the waves of enemy troops and extend their game as long as possible. Relentless soldiers, military vehicles and even helicopters will try to bomb you.

System requirements: WM6.1 - WM6.5
Display Resolution: WVGA (480x800)
Setup Type: CAB
Developer: Subatomic Studios
Language: English

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Test your skills in the best racing game of the world. Conquer sport routes on the fastest cars. Drive on the streets of Chicago, Dubai, London and the Italian cities in amateur and professional competitions. Get a reward for aggression, accuracy and style. Upgrade favorite vehicles by increasing of their maximum speed, handling and acceleration capabilities. And you will defeat 3 best riders of the world. Enjoy the exciting atmosphere of racing!

System Requirements:
WM6 - WM6.5,
.Net Compact Framework 2.
Display Resolution: WVGA (480x800).
Setup Type: CAB.
Language: English.

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Gather the balls of one color together. A few seconds for training, and get ready for hours of entertainment!

Main Features:

- Simple and fascinating: everyone can play Bubble Bash 2, but only the most skilled players can reach the end;
- New delightful journey to the colorful world of Africa!
- Over 100 levels with 16 different types of game mechanics: you will not play the same game twice!
- A variety of modes and the dynamic level design, which is based on laws of physics;
- Open 4 characters: you can be a curious researcher or an African princess;

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Here is a mod of the famous game for HTC Teeter (Labyrinth) and “Labyrinth” for iPhone, which goes on almost any PDA with G-sensor support.


- Uncompress the archive to your memory card or memory device
-Create a shortcut in Windows / Main Menu / Programs / Games

System Requirements: WM6 - WM6.5
Additional Requirements: G-Sensor
Display Resolution: WQVGA (240x400)
Installation type: COPY
Language: English

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Yes Yes Yes, there are themselves! And they're back!
Here is a new part of the famous game series about bravery worms the bullies!
Get ready for a few modes of play, good graphics, lots of missions and weapons, cool sounding and excellent gameplay, which does not allow you to break away from this exciting game!
Choose a worm, equip it, select the area and break the enemy worms!

System Requirements: WM6.1 - WM6.5
Display Resolution: WVGA (480x800)
Setup Type: CAB

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