This application for Windows Mobile phones represents a useful tracking tool. It is designed to create statistics about consumption, distances and prices of your fuel. You can even use it without the stylus pen, because of the greatest easy-to-use and handy interface.

Some tip: You can enter a Custom Number by clicking on the Unit in the Add Screen.

Price: Free
Category: System utility
OS: Windows Mobile.

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Astronomy application for the Windows Mobile PDA palm sized devices. You receive the enthusiastic astronomer the positions of Jupiter's satellites, Great Red Spot (GRS) and a map of Jupiter's features all in one single convenient pack, and it is totally free!

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This program is another Twitter application. This version has new features and changes in user interface from the previous release.

Change Log:

- Tracking of menions/@replies was added;
- Full Direct Messages support;
- Improved UI;
- Multi-byte UTF8 characters;
- Layout engine works quickly;
- Autocompletion of names;
- Handled updates to the avatars;
- Insignificant bugs are fixed.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This smart application provides a method of iPhones’s IMDb API to retrieve any data from to allows you to view it on your device.

Special Features:

- User-friendly interface;
- Advanced searching options;
- Artist Headshots;
- DVD Covers.


- Windows Mobile OS;
- .NET Framework 3.5.

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IBE SMS Sender is a small addition to Outlook, which allows you to send and receive SMS on a desktop PC. It is required ActiveSync (version higher than 4.0) to work with this application.

It compatible with PC and PPC
Status: demo version
Developer: IBE Group, Inc.

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