This application will be very interesting and useful for people who want to refresh a look of the TouchFlo background. So, download this app to customize it to your taste and design unique HQ wallpapers for the TouchFlo 3D interface from the pictures on your PC with the easy way.

Three Steps of Wallpaper creation:

1. Load Picture;
Press Load or drag&drop;
Select Crop and Resize functions (program can do it automatically if you press Auto Crop and Resize).
2. Press “Create CAB”;
Then “Include Landscape / Portrait Wallpapers”;
Press “Convert”;

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This is an action game, where you can play alone or with your 4 friends via Bluetooth. You must run and blow up the enemy while you are dodging from their bombs.

You have to fight with bots, who endowed with very high intelligence in single player mode. There are deathmatch, deathmatch team, last man standing, capture the flag modes in multiplayer mode.

More than 30 beautifully designed maps will not allow you to get bored. Very good graphics: midtones, shadows, effects, like fire, explosions, sparks. Game gives you a nice soundtrack and lots of sound effects.

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ZoomBoard is an onscreen keyboard for quick and accurate finger typing on PDAs and communicators with Windows Mobile. Translucent magnifying glass, that appears on the screen and increases the letter under your finger, will help you to avoid errors. Just slide your finger across the keyboard to select the required letter.


- Translucent magnifying glass, which can enlarge the letters on the keyboard by pressing;
- Slide with your finger across the screen instead of the stylus;
- Typing on ZoomBoard can be as fast as on a hardware keyboard .

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Warspear Online is the first full-fledged cross-platform massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with free access for all.


- Explore the game world with thousands of other players simultaneously.
- 4 unique factions and 12 different classes.
- Bestiary consists of more than 50 unusual monsters.
- Free PvP system gives ample opportunities in battles with other players and will become a noble warrior or a ruthless killer.
- In addition to battles in the game you can extract resources, and create your own things.

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