You can configure the change of themes for your phone in time, as well as “tie” a specific theme to each of the profiles with the help of this useful app for smartphones called Y-Theme Scheduler from DrJukka. This will not only allow to change the audio scheme of smartphone, but all the graphics.

This software was designed for Symbian 9.x S60
Status: freeware
Developer: Jukka Silvennoinen

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Here is a very useful application for mobile phonesm based on Symbian and Java, which allows you to watch videos and upload it to YouTube directly from your mobile phone.

Key Features:

- Access to the latest and most popular video clips on YouTube;
- Ability to view your subscriptions, playlists and favorite videos;
- Upload YouTube videos directly from mobile device;
- Advanced searching options.

Special Requirements:

- Sony Ericsson k800i, w880i
- Nokia N73, E51, E61, E61i, E65, N95, 6120c, 6110n

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This game is like tag game, but you will need to put together parts of a picture, which can be chosen by you.

It was designed for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th Edition
Status: Free
Developer: OPDA Team

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This game is a simple arcade which helps you to improve your reaction skills. You stand with a gun in front of doors. Doors will be opened from time to time, and you see zombies or your colleagues from the police. Be attentive, shoot the zombies for maximum, but don’t touch people! And remember, you receive more challenge with any new level. Good Luck!

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