Bean 2 continues amusing battle between beans, which begun in an exciting arcade Bean from Tendbeyond Co.Ltd. Run down to the right place, take a weapon (your choice), determine the strategy of battle. Try to knock out the enemy and not be wounded.

This game was designed for Symbian 6.1, 7.0s, 8.0a, 8.1 S60
Status: demo version
Developer: Tendbeyond Co. Ltd

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BestTimer is a timer and easy to use stopwatch. Two features of the program are two modes, and their screens look very different.

1) Timers view: Program calculates how much time is left for a certain event.

2) Stopwatch: You can take the readings without stopping the stopwatch, you can compare rates several times.

This program was designed for Symbian OS 9.x UIQ 3
Status: demo version
Developer: SmartphoneWare

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You need to draw with chalk on a blackboard. And you can erase your art in by the rag.

This fun app was designed for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th Edition
Status: Free
Developer: Offscreen Technologies Ltd

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Blazar is a very addictive arcade game with a lot endless levels of “I love trouble” category.

Special Features:

- Levels are never the same;
- Radar, which show the location of enemies and bonuses;
- Increasing difficulty as you progress through the game;
- Your enemies increase their skill level, too;
- Many big bosses;
- Possibility to upgrade weapons and the player ship;
- Stunning graphics;
- Advanced rendering system;
- Possibility to control the ship with pad, stylus or scroll wheel (depending on your device);
- Ability to customize the controls;

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You need to copy the balloons in nearby cells and try to win more space than your opponent. There are several game modes in this game, such as 2 players, for a time, score.

This game was designed for Flash
Status: free

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Blooover J2ME utility of Bluetooth auditing for cell phones. It allows you to detect vulnerable phones and download their personal information.

It was designed for Java (J2ME)
Status: freeware

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You blow up again, then it is a Bomberman again! Bomberman series are classic, which was implemented on all known gaming platforms. Your goal is to clear the field using cleverly placed bombs to send your enemies on the other side of the living world.

Bomberman Deluxe revives this classic on your smartphone. Explore the colorfully painted levels. These levels are so great that you have to scroll them!

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