You will have the opportunity to change pictures (wallpapers) of desktop without changing themes with the help of this program for smartphones. There are a feature that enables users to block the keyboard, the ability to turn off your smartphone at a specified time, etc.


- Ability to set the image to full screen (without changing the theme);
- Automatic Keyguard;
- Automatic power off;
- Automatic power off at a specified time (standard alarm clock is used).

This program was designed for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th edition
Status: demo version

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Here is quest game about well-known cartoon character Scooby Doo. You will find a lot of adventures, and most importantly thing is disclosure of the terrible secret!

It was designed for Flash
Status: freeware

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Now you can have “Airfight Heroes”! It is an exciting shooting game with high quality graphics and music.

AirFight Heroes is a mobile vertical shooter game. The game has excellent 2D graphics and high quality music and sound effects. There are two player jet-fighters accessible with personal unique bullet style. Also players can raise weapon levels via obtaining energy props and can also select weapons by taking advantage of alternating props.


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Here is a continuation of one of the best RPG card games on flash! New maps are added, 3 modes of difficulty and new items.

It was designed for Flash
Status: Freeware

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This PDA application allows you to turn your camera phone into a scanner, copier, and fax.

All you need to do is just take photos, send them to this program, and you can get clean, legible copies as a PDF, text file or vCard.

Main Features:

- Clean pictures of any doc, whiteboard and business card;
- Extract any text and contact info;
- Online storing/searching/sharing.

App Requires Java MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.0
Program works with most 2+ megapixel and some 1 megapixel camera mobile devices.

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This software introduces the greatest satellite TV provider in United Kingdom. It’s a client for WM devices. You can have access to program lists with settable recording features from any location. This program allows you to tie into news service of Sky. You will enjoy this software for sure, especially if you have a touch screen device.

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Chess Genius is the one of the most popular chess program, which has excellent artificial intelligence with 30 levels of difficulty. Game provides a record of all the moves with the opportunity to replay any stage, the time is taken into account. Also there is a training mode and display of all possible moves. Chess Genius can calculate more than 100 000 strokes per second under certain circumstances.

- WM2003/2003SE, WM5/6;
- Landscape mode and VGA.

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Now you can have a stroboscopic lamp in your touch device. Adjust the frequency of blinking flash with slider.

This program was designed for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th Edition
Status: Free
Developer: Offscreen Technologies Ltd

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