Here is a very powerful true game engine for different mobile platforms. Its full version includes 3D OpenGL ES. This game application will help you to mobilize your code!

It Offers:

- API for high-performance 2D graphics;
- Software 3D render function;
- Hardware accelerated 3D graphics with the OpenGL ES usage;
- File access, input, connection to the web;
- And much more!

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This is the first full and complete BitTorrent client for smartphones. This program supports the downloading of multiple files at once flow, it is able to immediately upload and download, and can maintain the status of your unfinished downloads, so you can resume downloads after re-enabling applications. You can also check the status of each uploaded file, its properties and statistics.

Special Requirements:

- Symbian S60 2nd Edition (older version 1.30);
- Symbian S60 3rd/5th Edition.

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The free RSS feed reader is an J2ME MIDP application for cell phones/mobiles that is able to read most RSS servers/feed versions. RSS is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other content like blogs and news. Data is stored on the device and updated on request. This uses the internet which service providers charge extra for, so you would best get an unlimited data from your service provider. This should work with most recent devices as they have MIDP 2.0. If it does not work, use the midp10_... version which is for older versions. This is licensed under GPL.

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This game application is port of the well-known shooter Quake 3 Arena for S60 3rd Edition devices. This version supports for Bluetooth keyboard/mouse. And it is unlike against the previous game ports. You are able even run a server on your mobile device with this version!

This game application is totally free! Enjoy!


- Symbian S60 3rd Edition.

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This is a simple but captivating game for all fans of helicopters.

New Improvements and Features:

- You can save game anywhere;
- Online leaderboards!
- Now, the game is more challenging;
- It runce with better performance;
- Smoothest animation;
- 3D support for all mobile devices;
- Original target lock-on;
- Big number of weapons and characteristic improvements;
- Control system is adapted for 360 degrees;
- Support for all phones and screen resolutions.

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IQ Burping Phone -is a cool software by IQ-mobile. Run the application and make sweet music with the burping sounds included in the app. Please, try not to use it in your school, bus or other public places, but if you must...Enjoy!
OS Support: Windows Mobile for Pocket PC/Palm OS/Symbian/Tablet PC/Any Linux Distribution

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Meteor Brick Breaker is a game for fans of retro arcade games such as Arkanoid, Breakout or BrickBreaker! Your goal is to destroy the moving elements and bricks in this game. Enemy robots will prevent you. Enemy ships and poorly destructible blocks will prevent to complete the level. But don’t miss to pick up the falling bonuses, which will help you to accomplish the task. Bonuses can be: rocket, plasma ball, ball of fire, different types of weapons and protection.

- 90 levels;
- 3 difficulty levels;
- Various bonuses and anti bonuses;

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