This is a very qualitive Air Coimbat simulator for pocket Windows Mobile devices. It features a well-known World War II fighters.

Your main mission is to destroy all the enemies with a minimal loss surviving from the fire of your opponents. All depends on your best results, so you must be very accurate, attentive and watch the time.

Special Features:

- Game includes all-known WW II fighters;
- Smooth 3D animation;
- Excellent real-time graphics and intuitive views of camera;
- Captivating fighting scenes;
- Real physics and fight simulation;

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The action takes place in a galaxy far far away...
Your mission is to travel through space with the help of flying ships, and then collect as many gems as possible. And get ready for timed race after the returning from space.


- Amazing 3D animation and environment;
- 70MB of data!
- 8 interactive levels;
- Big number of ships;
- Bonus: ammunition, fuel, extra lives, shields...
- Exclusive soundtrack.

Requirements for PDA:

- Pocket PC or Windows Mobile device;
- 70MB of free space on your memory card (it is recommended high-speed memory card);

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You need to get the best score in this game. You will do it by hitting the walls with the ball for some time.

This game was designed for Flash
Status: freeware

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This game application is an amazing flight action game. Take part in a dizzy aerobatic race via enjoyable environment from the imagination. Be the best through all the competitions showing your insuperable scores!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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3D Super-G Stunt is just aerobatics from OmniGSoft studio. You will drive a sports plane, fly through special gates in the sky round by round in pursuit of a better result. Don’t wait and stand at the wheel!

- 3D graphics technology to support OpenGL and OpenGLES;
- Sport aircraft with ten variants of coloring;
- Realistic behavior of biplanes thanks to the good physical model;
- Several camera views;
- Ability to view video repeat of the flight.

System requirements: WM5 - WM6.5
Screen resolution: QVGA, VGA
Setup Type: CAB

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You will be absorbed in the unforgettable tropical adventure with frantic action gameplay, if you choose this game!

You get to the island of volcanic origin instead of vacations and cruise on the ocean. Be careful, this island is packed with ghosts and huge mazes. Only quick feet and excellent reaction will help you to stay alive!

Key Features:

- Unique and eternal gameplay;
- Each new maze is generated with no repeat;
- Stunning exotic soundtrack;
- Mysterious design;
- Graphics is full of details and content;
- Rapid action;
- Increasing challenge of any new level.

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Improve your skills and intellect with this unlimited game pack, which can challenge you for a long time. Be patient and you will fluke.

Game Features:

- Fully-working demo version
- Over 130 layouts
- Show free tiles option
- Background colors
- Detailed statistics
- Top scores board
- Game information
- Save/Load game
- Auto-resume last game
- Two tile-sets
- Two difficulties
- Five tile sizes
- JPEG backgrounds support
- Games filter
- Games quick preview
- Animation effects
- Game timer
- High-quality sound support
- Customizable tool bar

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Here is a well drawn flash game, where you play as a beetle and fly on parachutes from a dandelion. You must fly around the birds and collect various bonuses along the way.

This game was designed for Flash
Status: freeware

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Reveal yourself against the animals and danger obstacles in sinister forests, colorful fields, enigmatic stone objects, wilderness and other locations in this amazing addictive game. Classic game’s conseption is refreshed with surprising graphics, nice animation, fresh gameplay and various scenes.

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