“Animals of Mass Destruction” is a quest-game in which to pass to the end you must not get caught the eye of guards and other enemies.
Sometimes the levels are mystified, so before you go somewhere, look for the entrance door (this may be 2 or 3 of the screen) to the next level and think how cleverly avoid traps and enemies.

Game features:

- Three heroes, each with its own unique special abilities
- Fully interactive and destructible world
- Online statistics
- More than 35 levels and 7 spectacular missions around the world from Australia to Iraq
- Auto-save game progress

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Here is a space fighter simulator. You have to try yourself as a fighter pilot from the gang of space pirates. Your task is to destroy the "aliens" and capture enemy’s goods.

Game was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0, 6.x for Pocket PC.
Status: Demo version.
Developer: PDAmill

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