The latest addictive game called Twig Rig from the GameFalls developers is available for your use! This game app consists of the puzzle and arcade elements, 3 levels of difficulty, 2 game modes and stunning interface!

Your task is to pass the biggest number of the levels to score as much points as possible. You have to collect 3 or more equally colored balls in one line to make the disappearance of them. Download this game for free and enjoy its addictive gameplay!

Operating System: Windows CE.

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Here is another new game about one button fight! Do you think that it is easy? Maybe, it is required to try it...

You find yourself in the world of brightly colored balls from the large to the smallest. Your task is to broke-up all to the nines! How nice! Tool for destruction is a dumbbell contraption with a spherical knobs at the ends.

Category: Arcade
Compatibility: WM2002-WM6

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It’s a great return of classical dungeons to our pocket phones! Dive into fantasy world with this epic RPG.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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This game will take you to dark tombs of the Valley of the Kings. You have to negotiate 140 death traps and hidden doors filled levels, defeating mummy guards. If you want to get to treasures, you will have to use your brain and be smarter than mummies, overcome all death traps and stay alive. Spectacular graphics, well designed character animation, amazing soundtrack, involving gameplay will keep you glued to your mobile device for hours.
Game Features:
• Classic Runner styled game, with newly added possibilities;
• Breathtaking gameplay of quick thinking and reaction;

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Actions of this game take place in the depths of the tombs of the Valley of the Kings. You have to go through 140 deadly dangerous levels, which are full of mummies, security guards, secret doors and cunning traps. You must try to fool the mummies, bypass all the pitfalls and stay alive.


- 140 levels;
- Beautiful graphics of tombs;
- Mastered animation;
- Enchanting music tracks;
- Thrilling gameplay;
- Unique logic.

This game was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0 for Pocket PC.

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Download this amazing action shooter in arcade style and you’ll not regret for sure! Only you can bring peace back to the world at the Halloween day. Just shoot ‘em all and stay alive!!!


- Fantasy gameplay;
- Excellent graphics;
- HQ sound;
- Different wicked enemies;
- Special weapons;
- 8 huge levels;
- All the elements are totally advanced!

OS: Windows Mobile.

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