This game is a captivating arcade which offers you classic gameplay and visual, what are used in all games of this kind.

There is a leak on the ceiling of the PC room, and you have to avoid tricky drops of water, otherwise you will regret the day you were born.

Special Requirements:

- Android platform.

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You need to be recharge your gun drum after the end of shells, as in many other shooter games. But the recharging is not perfomed by the button click in this Flash-game. You need to drag and drop ammo in the drum. The plot is standart. You must kill all the evil bearded guys!

This game was designed for Flash
Status: Freeware

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The game is not limited by time or ammunition (lightning). It has no frags, just shoot at your leisure and enjoy how small fries are smashed into pieces from your “hand power”.

It was designed for Flash
Status: freeware

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Give an unforgettable present to your pocket Windows Mobile device. You can ask: “How can I do this?” But the answer is very simple. Just download a freeware game X-MAS Runner LITE and take the advantage of all its magical features.

Your mission is to collect different values, candies, gifts and remove from your way the evil guards before they kill you. So, activate all your attention skills and go on!

OS: Windows Mobile.

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