This is an interesting word game on time with a lot of bonuses.

Main Features:

- Single and Two player modes;
- Unscramble words against the time;
- Standart, Frantic, MultiRound game modes;
- Settings for sizes of words;
- It includes a special dictionary, which consists of more than 72,000 words;
- 5 additional dictionaries with free TildeTech Dictionaries kit;
- Dictionary Editor;
- High Scores display;
- You can view your results after the each round;
- Auto-resume ability;
- This game app runs on all modern Pocket PC phones.

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“Tile Fall” is a fun game, in which you try to remove a number of colored tiles from a grid.

“Tile Fall” is a fun game, in which you try to remove a number of colored tiles from a grid.

Tiles can be removed touching another tile the same color on at least one edge. Taking away small groups of tiles (2 or 3 together) supply very small scores, but by removing other tiles, it is possible to get very large groups of tiles of a single color.

As tiles are removed, the nearby tiles fall down to fill the spaces left. The game persists until no groups of 2 or more tiles are obtainable.

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Tilitoli is a tag with a finger-oriented interface.


- 3 difficulty levels;
- Mute;
- Ability to change the size of the gameboard.

Status: Free
Compatibility: Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.x for Pocket PC.

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Pairs. Memorize the location of cards and then open them in pairs at the smallest number of attempts. Train your memory!

This logical game was designed for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th edition
Status: Freeware
Developer: Nokia

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This application is fine and good old tetris game. You can use only a touch of your fingers to play this addictive game. Notice, It is compliant with some non-qVGA devices.

Controls of the Game:
You move your finger left/right/down and block moves left/right/down as the result. You must move your finger up, if you want to rotate the block.


OS: Windows Mobile.

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You need to build a tower. But you must do it right and don’t let it to fall. Each move brings the flying-off of the part of the tower, put it on your discretion. You will defeat the computer, if your tower is taller and stronger.

This game was designed for Flash
Status: Free

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