This game is lookalike of all-known dice game “Yahtzee”. There are single and triple versions of this application. You have a possibility to play it with your friends. Multiplayer option is available for two players. You can see both player scores with two players mode. Triple type of this game shows only one player at a time. But you can know about the other players by going to "Menu"/"View Scores". TripYzee! v2.0.2 is freeware! So, enjoy it!

Refreshed Description:

Version 2.02
• There are corrected mistakes in this version;

Version 2.0.0

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Here is a new quiz game! Goal of the game is to fill as many sectors in the field as possible, you must answer the question in each, you will have 3 options of answers.

Special Features:

- Different levels of difficulty;
- You can select up to 4 opponents;
- Over 1,000 questions;
- 2 game modes.

System requirements: WM5 - WM6.5
Resolution: All screens
Setup Type: CAB
Language: English

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Take your camera and continue the butterfly adventure through the island called Tropico! Detect new striking species as you travel across sandy beaches and dense jungles, solving Mahjong puzzles by the way. Whenever you whant some rest, head down to the Valley where you can discover your findings in detail and watch this exciting miracles close-up! What is a number of butterflies you can detect? Just try this amazing game to solve this question.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Your task is to collect the construction of the tubes. You must be fast, because of the time limitation.

Game Rules and Tips:

Click at the figure with your stylus pen to move it. Cursory buttons and arrows are for the derection selection. You can’t turn and stop the moving figure. Earn as much points as possible. You can do it, if you move fast, use the minimum number of movements, and choose the most difficulty skill level.


- Free trial period;
- 3 levels of difficulty;
- Undo feature of the last movement;
- Addictive gameplay.

OS: Windows CE.

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You receive a real memory trainer and logic game at the same time if you download this application on your pocket phone. You must have good memory to remember the patterns on the tiles of mosaic, because you will face-down these tiles and need to find the same patterns to earn your score.

Special Features:

- Colorful graphics;
- Nice soundtrack, which allows you to relax and think;
- 3 different game modes;
- Addictive gameplay;
- Perfect trainer for your brain.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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“Twins Skins” is an interesting logical game. Snake eats the apples, and is becomes bigger and bigger. You should control a small nice snake, which absorbing apples scattered over on the playing field, growing more and more. Her body covers almost the entire screen as a result. Its crazy brother does the opposite. Of course for eaten apples you get points.
So, you should creep, eat and grow, but the main thing - do not eat your tail in the end!

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This game is a word stock puzzle.

Your goal is to find a required word of 8 characters in the set of random-located characters. You must find a required word or all possible variants of words with 3 or higher characters to pass any level. You will do it until you collect a needed number of points. Game has 3 levels of difficulty. Good luck!

System requirements: WM5 or later
It required. NetCF not below than .Net Compact Framework 2
Screen resolution support: QVGA (240x320)
Setup Type: CAB
Author / Developer: Abhinav Asthana
Language: English

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