The rules are the same as in the game called Minesweeper, but here you will eat apples, and it is very important not to face a worm.

It was designed for Flash
Status: Freeware

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Main mission of all levels of the game is simple: you need to get the ball in the basket. However, a large number of objects, like dynamite, bombs and even nuclear warheads, will prevent you.


- Dozens of additional levels
- The effect of smoke
- Guided Missiles
- Nuclear weapons
- Dynamite drafts
- More

Compatibility: WM 2003-WM6
Interface: English

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Instructions to play:

You need to direct the appearing balls to the aim while they are in motion.

Balls’ controls:

1) Draw the walls to let the balls to rebound;
2) Catch a ball using your stylus pen and shove it in the needed position.

You earn 10 points when the ball hits an aim. You earn 2 points when the ball hits an obstacle. Ball’s color The color of a ball ascertain its condition at the collision.

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Barricade was created by the infusion from the all-known board game of “pawn race” kind which is a turn based game. This game is simple in use and it fits people of all ages for sure.

Barricade is an addictive game and it requires a good startegy skills from you. You must make the right balance between :

- Blocking the opponents;
- Attacking the opponents;
- Protecting your pawns;
- High movement speed;
- Bunching your pawns to get the best power.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Bright and colorful game of brain training kinds. Turn over two cards per turn. You will open the same cards, if you correctly remember their location. You can play against UI or the other player.

This game was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0, 6.x for Pocket PC.
Status: demo version.
Developer: DVide Arts Incorporated.

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Bejeweled 2 is the brilliant sequel to the puzzle Bejeweled. This great color-matcher is addictive and takes the renowned game of gem-swapping to spectacular heights.
Featuring brilliant new gems!
Players have to match the colorful jewels in lines of three horizontally or vertically, then clear them from the playboard. Lines of four stones are awarded with a Power Gem, lines of five award the Hyper Cube. Both jewels give access to their own unique jewel-swapping devices.

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