BlackBox is a game, where you need to find all the atoms. You will do it by X-raying the field. X-rays are deflected by atoms with certain rules.

System requirements: WM2003 - WM6
Resolution: All screens
Installation type: EXE
Developer: Jean-François Maingue
Language: English

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BlackFlip is a clone of Polarium game. The game is easy to start playing, but it is difficult to quit. The aim of the game is to line a single stroke by the stylus on the playing field. And you must go through all the squares of one color. No matter what it is. Your path must not cross itself. It is allowed to go beyond the field on the one square. The game includes over 6,000 levels, the difficulty of which varies from very easy to very difficult.

Category: Logical
Platform: Windows Mobile
Version: Freeware
Setup type: CAB

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Requirements: Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
Blackjack Trainer is designed to help you study the popular game of blackjack from the zero level.
You can start playing by clicking Deal.
You may as well change any detail of the game you like by going to the Options.
You are given a comprehensive introduction to the game, as well as information on basic strategy, and card counting. Use this program and you can perfectly master this addictive and highly profitable game.
This app requires SQL Mobile 3.5 installed. It is included in the archive !

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Just sit, relax and enjoy the breathtaking logical arcade game called BlockBuster. You will spend time with joy and pleasure by clearing the board from the blocks of colored squares. There are many additive features in this game to make you more interested than ever, such as online contest, several levels of difference and skins!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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The mission of this addictive game is to feed always hungry Lex the Worm by joining letters on the wall of library. Be careful, don’t let the burning letters get to the bottom, because they can burn the library to ashes. You can increase your score with the help of bonus tiles, which are used to make a word. So, install this useful application to develop your word skills and have a good time!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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